Lady Z Strikes Back – Queens Cast & Remy Ma Feat. Brandy

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Thể loại : Nhạc Quốc Tế

Lời Nhạc Chuông Lady Z Strikes Back - Queens Cast & Remy Ma Feat. Brandy:

I still have dreams of being on top
But I'm from where bottom is
I'm really the mother of this and I even gotta kid
Yeah I bag groceries and I ain't really proud of it
But I chose silence over violence
And that was the consequence
Ain't wanna get into it
That's why I got out of it
I got a pile of talent
But the game is all politics
I don't honor it
I'm positive
'Bout what the problem is
The music biz is ran by some
Narcissistic misogynists
And I'm the opposite
Very low tolerance
I been spurring these girls since the 90s
Gregg Popovich
If I'm all bout my biz
Then they say that I'mma bitch
I would tell what you did
But I'm really not a snitch
It's obvious
Who's the queen and who the coward is
It's no stopping this
See my tone is really ominous
Put you where the Garbage is
Hit you where ya Wallet is
Your Pockets is
And I ain't with the talkin so...