Wandered To LA – Juice WRLD & Justin Bieber

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Thể loại : Nhạc Quốc Tế

Lời Nhạc Chuông Wandered To LA - Juice WRLD & Justin Bieber:

[Verse 1: Juice WRLD]
Maybe it's the love, maybe it's the drugs
Maybe it's because my girlfriend is the plug
Cocaine strums like guitar chords
She loves drugs, she goes hardcore
She's hidin' from the truth, it's under the rug
Maybe it's because the lies, they fill her up
You see the ghost on her front porch
You see the blood at her front door
We were doin' Xans in a Honda Accord
Lookin' at the things that we couldn't afford
Fantasies became reality, but only for one of us